Friday, June 13, 2008

Power of Prayer!!!

This past Monday and Tuesday I flew down to be on the Journey Home with Marcus Grodi on EWTN. I almost didn't make it due to plane delays. Here is the story:

On Sunday night I was laying in bed and praying to God to make this trip to EWTN to be all about Him and nothing about me. I wanted to make sure that Christ got all of the credit and none of it about myself.

Well, needless to say, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PRAY FOR!!!

On Monday morning, I was supposed to catch my flight from Dayton, OH to Cincinnati, OH at 11:50. Well, our plane was delayed due to a tire bursting. We tried to get on any other flight with any other airline to Birmingham, AL for the Journey Home on EWTN. There was NOTHING available that could get us there in time. So we stayed on our flight to Cincinnati.

When we arrived in Cincinnati, we ran to try to catch our next flight. We missed it by 10 minutes (we later find out that it was the same flight that Marcus Grodi was going to be on). Well, after we missed it, we then went on stand by for the next flight leaving Cincinnati for Birmingham. It was to take off at 4:45 (eastern time) and arrive at 5:10 (central time).

During the entire morning I was sure that my dad and I were going to make it. But by about 3:30, I was starting to get very upset and didn't think either one of us were going to make it. My dad on the other hand said, "Don't worry, you are going to get there."

I believe it was also around 2 or 3 pm that I called Theo to tell her to get everyone she knows to pray for me to make the flight!

As I have mentioned before, I was on stand by. There were 5 people ahead of me to get on this flight. They were overbooked by 3 people, and there were 2 stand by's ahead of me. About 4 pm, I go up to ask what are my chances of getting on the flight, and the lady said, there is no way possible that I will get on, none the less any other stand by.

After asking Delta, what my chances where of getting on, I went to the restroom. When I came back, there was a man in my seat sitting next to my dad. I was kind of upset since the entire row was empty, why would he sit right next to my dad?

Anyway, they end up talking for some time. All of a sudden it is 4:30 and the plane is getting ready to pull out anytime. They call the first stand by and it is the guy that is sitting next to my dad. Man was I mad!!! Well, he goes straight up to the counter and tells them that I am going to take his place! They call me up and he tells me that I am going to take his place on the plane and he will catch the next flight (He had a big business meeting the next day in AL).

So what is so important about this story besides the fact that I made it on time for the show? Well, at 4:30 is when my GREAT Aunt Mary went into the chapel at the convent by EWTN and had the nuns pray along with other people there for me to catch my flight. It was the SAME TIME I GOT ON MY FLIGHT!!! Talk about the power of prayer!!!

Now my GREAT Aunt has more to her side of the story so when she gets back from her trip, we will send that out to you all! But Doug, was the guy who gave me his seat on the plane I believe was Angel #1 and a lady that my aunt met in the chapel is Angel #2. She will tell you more about that!

You told the story well, Chris! My input comes when I walked out of the Chapel there at EWTN. (I was wearing my Dominican cross, on my Dominican shirt.) A total stranger - (named LISA, I later found out), was staring at me. She had an EXTRA friendly face, so we spoke. Lisa told me she had seen my face in a (dream) and was told she must pray for the intercession of Blessed Pier-Georgio Frassatti, a saintly Third Order Dominican who lived in the 1920's. She was to ask for the intercession of Bl. Pier-Georgio Frassatti, in the need of " this lady" (me?!). Right then, Chris was able to get on the only flight out of Cincinnati, which did get him to Birmingham ON TIME for THE JOURNEY HOME!!! So, we do indeed THANK GOD for ALL WHO PRAYED, including Bl. Pier-Georgio Frassatti!


Adoro te Devote said...

Wow. I just pop on by to do a little casual reading...and I see a FLOOD of intervention from the Dominican Saints...both on this post and in your testimony.

I'm currently working with another local person to form a Third Order Dominican community, and let me tell you...if you pray to the Dominican Saints, they get stuff DONE!

Padre Steve said...

Very cool story! God was on your side that night... along with the angels and saints! Keep smiling and God bless!