Wednesday, June 10, 2009

1st day of work

Yesterday was my first day of work at Splash Moraine. This is my 3rd year working at Splash, but it will be my 7th or 8th year working for the City of Moriane.

It was a very easy and fun day (as most days are). I am not a life guard (encase you were wondering), no, instead I am Guest Relations. It is my job to sell and collect tickets, pick up trash, rent out inner-tubes, and assist customers with whatever they need.

Today I was able to spend time talking to old friends from work, high school and just from customers who swim a lot. It was very nice to see them all again! It seemed as if we never left from last summer.

It is very interesting working there because most of them know that I am a religious person and that I want to be a priest. They all started asking questions about Christianity and Catholicism and why would I want to be a priest (some are nominal-Catholics, atheists, Protestant-Christians, and I am sure some other beliefs).

It is here at Splash Moraine where most of my summer ministry happens. I don't preach to them with words, but instead with my actions. Over the last 5 years I have had people from all over the city come to me for advice and for someone to just listen to them. This is such a great ministry that God has blessed me with, and I am forever grateful for it!

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