Friday, August 22, 2008

End of Week 1

WOW!!! What a very busy but exciting week this has been here at LU!!!

Thank you all for your prayers, and you are in mine! I will warn you that this may be a little long of an email, but its mostly great news!

Jon has not entered RCIA yet, but is getting ready to meet with the new priest in town (Fr. Mooney)! I haven't heard back from Larry yet (but its still early), and I had dinner with John (Freshman) last night.

But, before we get into that, I want you all to know that GOD IS AWESOME!!! The new priest in town (Fr. Mooney) is really excited about starting a Catholic Campus Ministry at LU! He says it is going to happen one way or another. And the best thing we came up with is not by having the ministry here on campus, but over at St. Thomas More Parish! We are going to be kicking this off with a free dinner for ALL Catholic students here at LU. It is the beginning of a great ministry!

Also, he is going to be coming on campus next Wed. We are going to have dinner at the cafeteria and then I am going to show him around campus! WOW! A priest on campus, I wonder what will be next (maybe the Dominican brother's (hint, hint Br. Ignatius and Br. James)).

Also, Fr. Mooney is looking into hiring me part time as a youth minister at St. Thomas More. It is not for sure yet, but it is looking very good! And it could turn into a full time job!

I also have tried getting permission to get out of chapel in order to go to Daily Mass. I am not having any luck in this area, but it is ok. I am continuing to pray about it, and I know it is going to work out somehow!

Then on Wed. night, I went to the Knights of Columbus meeting. I realized that my biggest mistake last year in doing this ministry is not being able to spend time with Antonio, Maria, Jon and others who are or want to be Catholic. This year, I am wanting to not work as much so I can be there for the students. Many times last year I was busy with work, and this is one reason why Antonio didn't get to go to confession sooner. Also, Antonio and I are good friends, but we just didn't have time to get together. This year there are more Catholics that I am in touch with here and I want to build relationships with them. But it is almost impossible with 20 hours of work, 18 credit hours and church activities. So I went to the KoC and asked for a donation. They want me to come back to the next meeting to ask again, but I was able to get $80 from a generous person!

Other than that, on Thursday night, I had dinner with John. He is the freshman that is discerning about the Catholic Church. He is a freshman, but he is in his 20's. He was in the Air Force and has lived all over the world! He is a very smart young man and honestly, I can see him as a Franciscan brother already! Just from how he acts and talks. He wants to go to the poorest of the poor and live among them! He wants to share Christ with everyone! Every time he talks to someone, he always points them to Christ! So please pray for him!

Well, Other than that, not to much is going on here. I am just getting ready for the weekend and doing some homework. Classes are going well, but they have a LOT of work with them! Thanks again for the prayers, and there will be another update next week!!!

Oh, and I also have been applying to some grad school's and also for some youth minister positions (one in Louisville)!!!

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