Thursday, August 21, 2008

Update at Liberty!!!

Hey everyone!!!

I hope everyone is/having a great summer! I am now back at Liberty and have just moved into my dorm. It is a really nice dorm! They moved me to the apartment style dorms at no extra cost!!! They did that to make up for trying to take my scholarship away from last year.

Anyway, I will try to make this as short as possible (because there will be more emails this week). But, once again we have new people added to the email list! If you don't want to get these updates, just reply back to me and I can easily take you off this list.

Well, this year is already becoming one of the best years yet! I have only been here just 2 days and already have been in touch with old friends and met 2 new Catholic freshmen!!! Today started the ministry of driving the Catholic Students to Mass and it was great to catch up with old friends and meet new friends!

Also, my friend Jon is going to be entering RCIA this fall!!! I met him last year and he was very interested in the Catholic Church, so I gave him a Catechism (thanks to New Hope). Well, lets just say that he probably knows more about church doctrine than I do!

Then just tonight at dinner, we were talking about him coming into the church, and this freshman from Nashville (John) overheard us and said to us that he is really thinking about joining the Catholic Church. So Jon and John were talking about it and it was just amazing to see how much they both knew about the church! I now have John's phone # and we are planning on meeting this week to talk more about it. (I know its getting confusing with John and Jon).

Now for the ending, (sorry it's becoming long). The new priest in town at St. Thomas More Church (one of two Catholic Church's in town) wants to help the Catholic Students at Liberty!!! I am going to meet him for dinner on Tuesday night. So more to that will follow.

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