Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ignite Your Torch 2008

I can't believe it has been almost a month since I have posted. I am sorry! Anyway, I am all moved in at Liberty University for my senior year!!! But there will be more about that in the next post. This post I want to tell you about Ignite Your Torch Youth Conference!!!

WOW!!! It was amazing! This was the biggest year they have had yet. They had 200 youth and about 100 adults! We had mass every day, Eucharistic Adoration every night, confession all the time and much more!

Every year we always go to the abortion clinic and pray. This year the Arch-bishop of Louisville was there praying with us (it was AWESOME)! We saw 4 women come out of the clinic that day. It was just great to see our prayers answered that day. We serve an AWESOME God!!! (I think I may be over doing the "!!!" but that's not even enough to tell you how great it was).

There were many different workshops that the youth attended, and free time and much more. On Sunday (the last day of the conference) we had a alter call for ladies that are interested in vocations. There were so many girls (youth) that went up for that alter call. It was great!

Next, it was the guys turn. I think over half of the guys went up for this calling. VOCATIONS ARE ON THE RISE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If you don't believe me, then check it out for yourself: There is even a video on that site to show you a little bit of the conference.

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