Friday, December 12, 2008

Late Update

Hey everyone!

Sorry yet once again for the very late update. The internet at school has been out most of the time, and when it has been up, I was able to answer very few of the emails received.

So, over the past two weeks. We will just put it this way, not a lot was going on except packing, finals, saying good bye to friends and holding a very important meeting with the Catholics at Liberty.

So to make this very short, we had a great week. There was a small Christmas party that my friend had (I attached a picture of the group). There was also three baptisms at church this past Sunday and the Liberty Catholics received a blessing. It was a great service! (pictures of the baptism are attached also).

Besides all of that, we had a meeting with the Catholics at Liberty and discussed things for next year. I am really excited for next semester and year! We are in the process of creating a constitution and picking leadership for next semester. I made it known that I am stepping down next semester. I want another student to start heading it up, and I be there to help him/her out, and that way they will know what to do after I am gone. It was very hard for me to say that I am stepping down, but it is the best thing for the group, and the only way it will survive.

Well, besides all of that, the finals went well. Next semester is going to very tough, but assuming everything goes as planned I will graduate in May!!!

God bless,
Chris Osgood

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