Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spirit of the season!!!

I was on my parent's computer and emailed myself all of my old speeches from high school and sermons I used to give when I was a Baptist Minister. Here is one that I gave just over 4 years ago at the Christmas Assembly my senior year of high school (I was the Student Body President).

Also with this speech, I got into a lot of trouble giving it. I was asked not to give it at the 2nd assembly, but I did anyway.
The Spirit of the Season

What is it about this time of the year that brings people together? Is it because of family? Receiving gifts? The Spirit of the Season? Or my favorite, getting out of school? Or it might be because of one of the religious holidays we share? Well, whatever your choice is, we all have one thing in common! The gift of giving.

As you already know we have had many opportunities to give this Christmas. We have had the Canned Food Drive, Clothes for Teens, The Competition with Burg, and FCS was collecting money to help a family this Christmas. I would personally like to say thank you and I am proud of the students at West Carrollton Senior High. Because it was you who donated the cans, it was you who gave up YOUR OWN MONEY, and it was you who gave up your old clothes for people in need. You did this to help others, No one made you! Now that’s what Christmas is about. Its not about receiving gifts, but about giving gifts.

Have you ever noticed how busy it gets around this time of the year? Take a look around and you will see what I mean. The traffic is really bad, parking lots are full, and stores are packed with customers! Everyone is getting prepared for this one day. Kids are getting excited, and parents are panicking, not knowing if they will be done in time.

But then, everything comes to a stop. And a certain silence and joy fills the air. Everything calms down, and there is a since of peace. Churches light up, stores close, parking lots are now empty, and there is no traffic on the roads.

And when two strangers pass for the first time, it is as if they have known each other their whole lives. Because they know, at that time, there is a sense of peace on earth.

Then at midnight on Christmas Eve, we all come together. Just for a moment in a little stable in Bethlehem!

So now as you can see, Christmas is a very busy time and full of excitement. But in the end, we all calm down and come together! So this Christmas remember, its not about giving or receiving gifts, but it’s about the mighty spirit of the season.


Thank you very much, and please include our troops in your thoughts and prayers.
Merry Christmas and God Bless!

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