Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Another update

Hey everyone!

Sorry the update is late!

Well, last week was a very rough week. I had a lot of fun meeting with students though! I had a couple lunches with Antonio, Kathleen and Peter. Then a dinner with Maria and Kristi (women's soccer players) and Antonio. The dinner was fun because it was Thursday night and they played Navy on Friday (Navy is my fav. college team). So I gave them a hard time on Thursday. By the way, Navy beat them 2-1!!!

On Friday I had lunch with Deacon Cartwright and it was a very good lunch! I won't go into details but I am glad to know him! He is a HUGE blessing in my life!

Saturday, I went down to Danville and from there Josh, Katie and I went to Duke so we could watch Navy play Duke in football. It was a VERY hot day!!! I know it was in the 90's but in the stadium it had to of been in the 100's. I am really burnt from it and my face feels like it is on fire. It was a great game though, but unfortunately Navy lost 41-31.

But, the best part of the week was on Sunday! Brian was confirmed into the Catholic Church! (He was a former Baptist Pastor). I have attached some pictures of his confirmation for you all to see!

Then on Sunday night, I met with a few students who were very interested in the Catholic Church. I only planned on being there for an hour, and it turned into about 3 hours. It went very good! I don't think any of them have the interest in joining, but they all wanted to learn more about the faith!

With all of that said, I do have some important things to let you all know. First off, many of you know about the strong winds in KY and OH. Many are without power and from what I heard it is like a war zone. Trees are everywhere. Please keep them in your prayers! Most of the people on this list (maybe about 90%) are in that area. I will be going home this weekend to help clean up and also for an air show.

Second, it has been revealed to me more than once last week, and I have noticed it myself, that my grades are starting to slip and my spiritual life has been going down hill. I have been focusing on the ministry more than I have on my own spiritual life and school work. So I will try to continue this ministry, but for the next few weeks I am going to have to put it on hold and step back from it. The good news is that most of the Catholics are in touch with each other and that was the main goal of this ministry!

So in the next few weeks, I will still be meeting with students during lunch and dinner, but most of my time will be getting my life back on track!

Thank you for your prayers and your support!!!

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Hidden One said...

How the heck can engaging in ministry hurt one's spiritual life? Is that not setting off... major alarm bells?