Monday, September 1, 2008

Its that time again!

Time for another update!

This week has been rough but very good! And it ended today with just a great day! Nothing much happened this week until Wed. (other than school work).

On Wed, I went to noon mass and met Fr. Richard there. After mass we came to Liberty and had lunch. At lunch we started to brain-storm some great ideas for the LU Catholics! After lunch I gave Fr. Richard a small tour of our campus.

I also have ran into some problems this week. I have asked to be able to go to chapel late on Monday and Friday's so I can attend daily mass at Holy Cross. They aloud me to do this last year, but for some reason they said no this year. But, I talked to my RA yesterday and he said that he would allow me to be 15 min. late to chapel so I can go to mass!!!

Other than that, some of the things that have happened this week are having lunch and dinner with Antonio, Kathleen, Peter, John, Jon and other students who are Catholic or want to be Catholic. John is still ready to enter RCIA this fall, so I am going to get him in touch with Fr. Richard.

And for the weekend and the end of the week, there was no better way to end it! On Friday Liberty had the all night of prayer. My dorm had to pray from 2-3 am on Saturday morning. So we decided to have some fun and create a tennis court in the common area. So we had a big tournament going on (we never finished it). I have attached a few pictures so you can see it (if you don't believe me).

Then on Saturday we had the football game. We WON!!! 48-10 or something like that. And then today at mass, another great turn out!

St. Thomas More was very generous and cooked us Liberty students a very nice home-made breakfast after mass. We had 10 students show up there for mass, but only 8 stayed for the breakfast. The other 2 had their family in town and it was very nice to meet their parents! Also, I met a grad student named Tiffany and she is not confirmed yet, but it looks like she will be by the end of this school year. So keep her in your prayers! It would be great to see her and Antonio be confirmed this year!

After mass, I ended up taking Antonio and John to mass later on at Lynchburg College, and had a really nice dinner after that mass (I like free food ha-ha).

I do have 3 prayer requests:

Antonio's grandparents (Elsa and Raul) they are in bad health and getting older.

Jon and his wife. It is a long story but she has been living in LA for the past 5 years, and Jon hasn't been with her due to the Air Force and now here at school. It's not looking good.

For my finances. I have gone to the Knights of Columbus and asked for a donation. I have came up with a budget for the entire year. It is for $4,200 for the entire year to keep this ministry going at full force. If I am not able to raise that, then this ministry won't reach its full potential.

Other than that, things are great! I am keeping you all in my prayers, and if you have any prayer requests, please let me know!

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