Friday, September 26, 2008

Update from last week Sept. 15-21

Good afternoon!!!

I am very sorry that it has almost been 2 weeks since the last update. I also want to welcome the new people on the update list!

For the ones that are joining us, I just want to take this time to fill you in, along with everyone else about what God has been doing over the past week.

This email is just covering last week. There will be another one this Sunday about this week.

As many of you know from my last email or so, I have been starting to struggle with my prayer life and school work. I wasn't putting much time into those 2 things, and instead I was putting all of my time into this ministry. Well, I am glad to say that last week was just a week for me to get back on track.

I just stepped back from the ministry and started to get back into the Liturgy of the Hours (Shorter Christian Prayer), I also spent most of my time getting caught back up in school (and this weekend I plan on getting ahead in my classes).

So last week, I just had the normal lunches with Antonio, and I got to get together with Deacon Cartwright on Wed. Deacon Cartwright is a huge blessing in my life and he is helping me out so much!!!

Last weekend was a very nice but busy weekend. I was able to go home and help out at an Air Show in Middletown, OH. I planned on spending time with my family, but that didn't really happen because a lot of my friends found out I was coming home. I was able to surprise my neighbor (best friend since 1st day of pre-school) for his birthday on Sunday, so that was fun! Overall, the weekend was great! On Saturday, I got to spend time with my Uncle Mike and my two cousins, and then on Sunday I was able to go to Mass with my grandparents and my other cousin.

The other thing that happened this weekend was on Friday, I had lunch with a girl that graduated with me and her boyfriend. They are getting really serious and he is about to purpose! So I was able to have lunch with them and talk to her about the Catholic Church (She is not Catholic but her boyfriend is). She is planning on entering RCIA either this fall or next fall so they can get married!

PS: I attached some pictures of the air show. The first one that is on the ground is a 1/2 P-47, I helped build that in high school (5 years ago).

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