Monday, September 8, 2008

sorry its long

Sorry its a little late!
Great things are happening here at Liberty!!! I am sorry it is s long. I will try to sum it all up:

I spent time with Kathleen, Peter and a few of their friends (who where not Catholic). It was very nice because their friends where asking some questions about the Catholic Church and why would I even want to become a priest?

It was also Spiritual Emphases week (Liberty's revival) and many of the students ended up going. While they were there, I was able to take Antonio to Wal-Mart and dinner. There he gave me more information on his grandparents. They are doing good, just getting older. But he said his grandfather has a tumor (or something along those lines) so please keep them in your prayers.

I had lunch with Antonio and we started to talk a little more about his family. His mother is having a really hard time with Antonio's little brother (13 or 14 years old). He is starting to act very different. I am not sure exactly what that means, but he said it was not the "different" that normal teenagers go through. So please keep him in your prayers! He really looks up to Antonio and wants to do everything Antonio is doing.

"SE" was still going on at Liberty on Tuesday night. This was a very powerful night for the campus! Even though I was unable to go, I knew God was working on campus! All over campus, the administration put out trash cans and just opened it up for people to throw away whatever they have that they are struggling with (Alcohol, drugs, pornography, anything). It was a great experience! Many guys on our hall alone who have been struggling with a lot, just threw it all away and handed it over to the Lord. I myself wrote down on a piece of paper what I have been struggling with and threw it away! It was great for everyone!

I was supposed to have lunch with Kristi (a Catholic), but she canceled at the last minute. To give you a little background on Kristi, she was born Catholic, but fell into the wrong crowd and has had a very bad and rough past. And she is wanting to change her life! (That is all she has told me about her.)

Then I went to the Knights of Columbus to try to get them on board with the vision and ministry here at LU. They received it well! And I was able to raise some funds from some of the members! It is great to know they are supporting this ministry!

This was also around the time where I have found out (if my calculations are right, I am double checking it this week) that my scholarship from Jerry Falwell has increased by $2,000!!! As I have said many times, now that he has passed away, he is CATHOLIC!!!!

I had lunch with Antonio again and we started talking a little more about what he wants to do after college. He will be graduating in December of 2009. I told him he needs to play in the NFL but he quickly told me that he hates football and he is only playing it so he can go to college.

I had dinner with John (the one who doesn't want to enter RCIA but is interested in the church) and we talked about his wife and him. I am really hoping that they can get back together. In case you forget, she lives in LA and he lives in VA (NOT GOOD!!!!).

I found out that the campus ministry retreat was canceled (due to the hurricane) so I tried to sign up for the Lifeteen conference in Richmond (youth ministry training). I didn't have any money to pay for the registration, but we were able to work things out (Thank you Angela).

I also had lunch with Antonio and we were talking about how classes were going. Then I had dinner with Fr. Richard. It was a very good dinner! He also told me that he has already met with the head campus minister here at Liberty about starting a Catholic Club here on campus! They are sending him to Jonathan Falwell for approval. So please keep that in your prayers!!!

WHAT A DAY!!! I woke up at 5:30 AM (who knew that I could set the alarm that early?). I left around 6 to catch a ride with Jim and Josh to go to the conference. I learned so much at Lifeteen it was great! It also hit me really hard, because I realized that I have been trying everything in my power to run away from my vocation, and I just need to stop running!!! I won't go into details about this day, but I will say it was GREAT!!!

On the ride back to school, Jim had a brilliant idea!!! So, I am in the process of doing it! He said to write a letter to Thomas Monaghan (Ave Maria) and let him know about the ministry here at LU and what is happening here. As I said I am in the process of writing him a letter and I am hoping that he will be on board with us and be willing to donate the remaining funds I need! Thanks Jim for the great idea!!!

We had 10 students show up for mass! And about 7 students show up for the church picnic!

BUT!!! The most important thing for me that happened on Sunday was I got to talk with Kristi. And she told me why she couldn't have lunch on Wed. Her mother was in the hospital for chest pains and it was really serious. But they ended up finding out Friday morning that it was food poisoning. Then she told me that on Thursday night she just handed everything to the Lord and wants to start over! She really does want to change her life! And she is doing it!!!

And finally (really quick) I am really excited about this weekend coming up!!! As many of you know I am a BIG NAVY fan (Naval Academy). Navy's women's soccer team is playing here on Friday (GO NAVY)!!! Then on Saturday, Josh, Katie and I are going to the Duke vs. NAVY game (GO NAVY)!!!! BUT, the thing that is going to make this upcoming weekend really cool is that our good friend Brian (former Baptist Minister) is going to be received into FULL COMMUNION WITH ROME!!!!!!

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