Sunday, November 16, 2008

Interesting week

Hello everyone!

This week has been a very interesting week. Everything has been the same as the past few weeks, with lunches and our weekly dinner. But there have been a few exciting and not so exciting things happen also.

We had a group of students go to the Charismatic Prayer Group on Tuesday. And on Wed. I met with a board that was reviewing the Campus Ministry at Lynchburg College. It went very well and it was great to meet with a good friend of mine from Radford. I also threw in about the Campus Ministry going on at Liberty!

On Wed. night we had our weekly dinner. Not many people showed up (because its coming down to the end of the semester), but we had some very good conversations. There was a non-Catholic that showed up and was asking all of us what the Catholic Church believed. It was great! I know that she is not interested in joining the Church, but she wants to know if what she has been told about the Catholic Church is True (this is how my conversion started).

On Thursday I met with Fr. Richard and we talked more about my vocation, which was very helpful. He told me stories of when he was in seminary and what I could expect. By the way, I have been praying about it and I feel that after much prayer and discerning, that I should apply for the Arch-diocese of Cincinnati! So please pray for me as this process continues.

Then Friday I had lunch with Deacon Cartwright, and I am very thankful that he is doing better! Thank you to everyone who has been praying for him! Hopefully on Monday I will be able to go to the prison with him so I can help him out with the prison ministry next semester.

Finally, yesterday was a very interesting day. I woke up and wanted to do some homework, but had to take a student to the hospital (he is doing fine). Then I went to the football game (my last Liberty football game, unless we make the playoffs). It was great to see Antonio play and we ended up winning!!!

However, the bad thing that happened is that I lost my wallet after the football game and I checked where I knew I lost it (I think someone has picked it up). I have already canceled all my cards and everything, but it is a hassle. I am very thankful though that I have/had what I do. I lost my meal pass, so today I am without food (until I can get a new one tomorrow). But, thanks to some people from the church (my 2nd moms) they provided for me! But it makes me wonder, I am without food for today, what about the people who have nothing all their lives?

I am very blessed to have friends and family that look out for me, and we should look out for the ones who have nothing. I am only going 1 day without food, but then because of friends, I have food. What about the ones who have no one? This really opened my eyes, and for that, I thank God!

God bless,
Chris Osgood


Christian said...

Great news about you applying to the Archdiocese of Cincinnati! Rest assured, you are in the prayers of many others, like me, discerning their vocation.

Alanna said...

Hey Chris! How are you? Great blog :)

Chris Osgood said...

Its a week full of stress, but I'm getting through. How are you?