Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Rough Week

Well, I apologize for this update being so late. It has been a very busy time (especially now that I am home).

As many of you know I lost my wallet. Well, on Thursday someone found it at the football game and turned it in! They took $20 out of the $40 in it, but everything else was still there, so that is a HUGE blessing!!!

On Wednesday I had to meet with my academic advisor about what I need to take next semester in order to graduate. Well, he told me that I am not going to be able to graduate in May because I am 1 credit hour short. I got very upset and told him that I have done everything they have told me to do and that this is their fault. Well, later on that day, I get a call saying I can still graduate in May if I take 18 credit hours in the spring and then 4 in the summer, but I won't be able to drop a class at all. (This is going to be almost impossible, but we'll see what happens).

We then had our Birthday celebration, and we had 14 students show up! (I have my camera back so I have attached some pictures from NJ and the birthday).

On Friday I came home and went to the University of Dayton (to visit my cousin). We went to someone's 21 birthday party and being there only an hour I go up to use the restroom and instead start talking to about 6 students about Catholicism and Christianity. They ended up leaving and bring more students up (they called it the Bible Study). It just shows me that God will and can use you anywhere at anytime. There was one student that was an Atheist, Protestant and the rest were Catholic. At the end, they all said they have a different outlook on Catholicism (I'm not sure though if they will remember the conversation, but God was working)!

Well, continue to pray for me this week. This week is a very busy week and a lot of great things are happening! Hope you all have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

God bless,
Chris Osgood

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