Thursday, October 2, 2008

Last week


Last week was a great week!

The usual lunches with Antonio took place (its starting to grow by 2 or 3 more people). Then on Wed. I met with Deacon Cartwright again (this is helping me so much with our discussions and his encouragement)!

Then something that I haven't told many people about is that I have had a few job interviews for Youth Minister Positions. Although I am still discerning the priesthood, I am starting to feel that it would be to soon for me to enter seminary. Although, I know I want to go into the ministry, I don't know if I am ready to make the commitment to the priesthood. One of my biggest passions is working with youth and sharing/showing God's love to them!

Then on Thursday Maria called me and told me to meet her for dinner at the restaurant on campus. So I showed up and apparently she called all the Catholic's that she knew cause when I walked in there where 7 or 8 of us all at one table. It was great!!! Everyone loved it because we got to meet each other and start building the friendships! We have already planned on making this a weekly event. So we plan on getting together tomorrow night (although not many will come since its the start of fall break).

On Friday I had dinner with Fr. Richard at the school cafeteria (we call it the rot). And then on Saturday I went to the women's soccer game to support Maria and Kristi (we ended up losing).

On Sunday I got sick from something. I think it was some bad chili from my friend (but he tells me it was something else). But Sunday night, St. Thomas More had cooked the "Catholic's at Liberty" a really nice dinner! It was no less than a 5 star dinner!!! We had salmon, salad, ice cream and much more!!!

Please pray for the women's soccer team one of the players lost a really good friend on Sunday night. I don't know any of the details, but the team is taking it very hard. And just last night (Monday) they found out that another player lost her best friend in a car accident. Please keep them in your prayers!!!

As for this upcoming week, it is fall break so many of the students are going home (athletes are traveling to games) so I plan on getting a head in school work and doing a personal retreat.

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