Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tuesday in KY

My great aunt and I went to Bardstown, KY yesterday.  And while she was doing some things, I had some free time.  And well, with all the traveling I do, I figured I need a new car.  So I went to the used car lot to look around.

While I was there, I met the car salesman, and found out that he is a fallen away Catholic.  So he started talking about the different cars, and I started talking about the Catholic Church.

I wasn't really interested in any of the cars he showed me, but he asked me if I wanted to test drive one (bad mistake on his part).  I said that I would be very interested, and so we went for a drive.

While we were in the car, he tried to explain how nice the car was, and I tried to explain how nice the Catholic Church is.  He finally asked why I love the Church so much and I told him because I am a convert!  

After some time went by, he told me that he is engaged and is living with his fiancee.  I congratulated him on his engagement and recommended him to a couple of very good priests I know of in this diocese.  I knew that they would bring him back!

After the long drive, I ended up thanking him and told him that I was going to look at some other cars before I buy one.  He was happy and thanked me for the talk.

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