Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What a long week thus far!

So it is only Wednesday but I am so tired.

I have an average of about 4 hours sleep for each night since last Friday (some because of being with friends, others from studying).

I haven't had time to eat nor shower in the last 2 days (I know its gross), but that's what you get when you are busy studying.

I have just finished packing and cleaning my room. It had to do be done by 7 tonight for inspection. I am now getting ready to take a quick shower before inspection (because I really smell).

Then I go to the Knights of Columbus meeting tonight, and then over to my friend's house to finish baking the cakes we started on last night (for the grad party).

I am so tired though. But, the good news is, I'M DONE WITH FINALS!!!

PS: I was told today by one of my professors not to worry about doing a homework assignment I was working on because I passed the

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