Thursday, October 30, 2008

Update from conference

Sorry for the late update everyone!

As you all know I was at a conference in Columbus, OH last this weekend/week.

For the new people joining these updates, welcome! These updates are sent out every week and lets everyone know what is going on with the Catholic's at Liberty and what's going on in my life.

The Coming Home Network put on a conference in Columbus, OH this past weekend and man was it AWESOME!!! I have learned so much about the Catholic Church here in America (and it really answers a lot of questions I have had about the Catholic Church). All I am going to say is, YOU BETTER COME NEXT YEAR!!!

It was great to meet a bunch of new people (especially from the Arch-diocese's of Cincinnati), and also Jim Anderson and Mary Clare who are with the Coming Home Network. There were also some very nice people that set me up with books and cd's on the faith in some areas that I am not as strong in. So thank you!

The retreat was just amazing! It was so good to meet other Protestant Minister's who have come into the Catholic Church. It was a great encouragement to me and everyone. Great friendships where made and I know they will last a life time. It was hard for me to say good-bye to them all on Wed.

As for the ride back to Liberty...It was probably the worst ride ever! I got a speeding ticket for thinking the speed limit was 65 and it was 55. Then about 4 hours later, my back tire blew. What was supposed to be a 7 hour trip turned into 10 hours. But, it was a time to be thankful because my tire blew out right in front of a gas station (out in the middle of nowhere and so God provided).

Sorry it was long, but this is worth a week and a half so the next one this Sunday will be very short! :)

God bless,
Chris Osgood

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