Friday, January 16, 2009

Life of Christ

I am taking the class "Life of Christ" this semester at Liberty and WOW (not in a good way). I have never heard so much heresy before in just 2 hours! I am so close of graduating this May, and hopefully entering the seminary this fall. But the thing is, do I keep my mouth shut and risk not graduating in May (because I have to pass this class) or do I correct the professor on some heresy?

I usually have spoken up when a professor has criticized the Catholic Church and now I have a reputation in the Religion Department here at Liberty. Most of the professors know about me and don't put down the Catholic Church while I am in the class. But what has been said in the class of "Life of Christ" is much worse than putting down the Catholic Faith.

The professor asked the class if we believed Christ was fully Divine. Everyone raised their hand and agreed. Then he asked if we believed that Christ was fully human. Once again everyone raised their hands and agreed.

Then the professor started talking about original sin and how it is passed down through the generations. And since Mary is a normal human, she must have sinned (this isn't the heresy part). Therefore, if Jesus was born from Mary, He too would have sinned. Then He wouldn't have been perfect.

Therefore, God created the sperm and the egg inside Mary and that is where Jesus came from. The egg was not Mary's. Instead, Mary was the surrogate mother of Christ.

WOW!!! The sad thing is, the students actually said, "That makes a lot of since."

HERESY!!! If that is the true case, then Jesus Christ was NOT fully human!

Oh how I can't wait to enter the seminary!

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