Thursday, January 29, 2009

I don't understand but I love it!!!

So the weather is beautiful outside, just cold. But no ice, rain or snow, and yet we still have a delay.

I was on my way to class, and this student stops me and tells me to go back to the dorm that we have a delay. Now I know you shouldn't always trust people when they tell you things like this, but I was tired and I say "SWEET!!!" So I came back to the dorm, and WOW there really is a delay.

Why? Who knows, maybe the faculty is just as tired as I am. Or it could be that every other school/college in Lynchburg has canceled school 2 days in a row and we got 1 delay. I think they just keep giving us delays to make up for the missed school.

Either way, I know the students have been praying, and I think there was a compromise!

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