Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Prayer Requests!!!

I have some prayer requests that I have promised to send out, but haven't had the chance:

1. There is a Baptist Pastor in VA (I cannot give his name or location due to privacy) who was a convert to the Catholic faith (some time ago), then left the church and is now a Baptist Pastor who wishes to come back home to the Catholic Church!!!

2. There is a Liberty Alumni in IL who is a Youth Minister and is really struggling with his faith and considering leaving his church to become Catholic (he just started on this journey)!!!

3. There is a Liberty student that I am speaking with that said he has converted to the Catholic Church and is just waiting on being confirmed!!!

4. The Ignite Your Torch Youth Conference! All of you already know about it, but pray for finances and for youth to sign up. Also, please pray for the old chapel on site so that we can use it for mass (instead of an ugly purple gym)!!!

5. The Catholics at Liberty. This is going to be one of the greatest semesters we have seen yet, but it will only happen with prayer!!!

Hope all is going well with everyone! And great things are going to happen this semester!!!

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