Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Holy Spirit Prayer Group

Tonight was an amazing night! I went to the Holy Spirit prayer group at St. Thomas More, and something happened that I have never seen before.

We were in the middle of praying for our good friend Brian, and all of a sudden I heard a noise by the door. With my eyes still shut, I turn my head so that it was facing the door, and I could see a figure standing there. I opened my eyes and nothing was there, then I shut my eyes and I saw an angel.

It was a tall male figure (had to be just under 7 feet tall), dressed in white (with battle attire on). His shoulders where very broad (almost like a football player). He stood strong and just looked straight a head with a spear in his hand. He didn't say anything, but the #7 kept coming to my mind.

Then as soon as we started to pray the "Our Father" he just disappeared through the door.

Before he appeared, I really felt the Holy Spirit come upon me, and as soon as he left, it was as if the Holy Spirit left too. But every time I picture him, the Spirit returns!

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Megan Flynn said...

So cool!
I sure do miss you.