Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My psychological testing results

For the Arch-diocese of Cincinnati, they require all of the men who apply for the priesthood to take a psychological evaluation.

I took mine during Thanksgiving break of last year, and because I have been away at school, I have not been able to get my results till this past Monday. And it was somewhat surprising to me, but at the same time it made a lot of since.

These are just the highlights:

The positives:
  1. I like to help/nurture others
  2. I love children
  3. I am very smart
  4. I am in the process of changing to a better side of me
  5. I am honest
  6. I get a long with almost everyone
  7. I am a leader

The negatives:

  1. I don't like authority
  2. I am immature
  3. I am angry
  4. I am an underachiever
  5. I could be an alcoholic
  6. I am paranoid (I care what people think of me)
  7. I have issues with my past

The ones that surprised me:

  1. I am smart (I thought I was at an 8 grade level. No excuses now.)
  2. I could be an alcoholic (I don't drink that much, only a few when I am home on breaks.)
  3. I am angry (I guess I can see this, but I never noticed it, because I am a happy guy.)

So these are just the highlights of my test results. They also said that I would be somewhat happy as a minister, but very happy as a politician (which is interesting because I have always wanted to run for President in 2028).

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