Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hospital Ministry

On Friday afternoon, I went to the hospital with Fr. Ron and shadowed him with hospital ministry. I will say that it was quite the experience.

I had just a small glimpse of the different types of emotions a priest can go through in a day.

We visited a number of different people (some in for surgery and others who will be dying).

All of the visits went well today, but out of all of them, there were two that stood out to me.

1. There is a lady who will not make it past tomorrow, she will be taken off of life-support. This visit was very hard for me because I have never been in this situation. It was sad, but at the same time really cool to know that the Church is there for you in your last hours of life.

2. The last person we visited was in the emergency room and I did not hear what was wrong with her, but the reason why this stuck out to me was because when we started to pray the "Our Father" the lady along with her daughters started to cry. It was very moving, and once again, very cool to know that the Church and the Sacraments are there for her people!

It was really hard for me to wittiness throughout the day, but I am really glad I went. It showed me a different side of the ministry that I haven't seen yet.

Please pray for all of the sick and for the people who will leave this world today.

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