Sunday, March 22, 2009

Today's Gospel Reading

Today's Gospel is from Jn 3:14-21:

When I was a Baptist, we would not really look at John 3:14-15 or 17-21. We would only look at John 3:16.

But what about the rest of these verses? Are they not as important than the 16th one? Of course not! In fact, John 3:16 is nothing without the rest of these.

Throughout this passage, we see why Christ has come to earth. We see that He died for ALL of mankind. We also can see that we must believe in Christ to have this eternal life (this is all great for a Baptist).

But is that all that is said here? Not at all. It goes on to say that we as Christians must leave this darkness that we are living in and step into the light! We cannot only believe, but we must also live it out so that others can see what God is doing through us!

When I went to the seminary last weekend, there were 11 guys (including myself) who came for Welcome Weekend. Before the weekend started, many of us thought that we were pretty good guys and would make alright priests. Well, at the end of the weekend we all thought that were no-body and that we are unworthy to become a priest. Why would God choose us?

What happened was that we have been living in darkness and then when we went to the seminary, we came into the light!

What would happen to you if you came into the light? Let's live this life for Christ!

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