Sunday, March 15, 2009

Welcome Weekend

What a weekend! On Friday I had my final interview at the seminary with the Rector, Academic Dean and the Formation Director. After the interview I was informed that I was accepted for this fall (as long as I graduate from Liberty).

After the interview, Fr. Kyle showed me around the old (former) seminary. It was beautiful, but I enjoy the new seminary (Mt. St. Mary's of the West) a lot better. After the trip, we came back to the seminary and did stations of the cross and evening prayer. We then waited for the rest of the men to arrive for Welcome Weekend. We had around 11 guys come for the weekend!

On Friday night we met with Fr. Smith (the Rector) and Fr. Kyle (Vocation Director). We also had a Holy Hour and then had a chance to meet with some of the seminarians and then with the Arch-bishop (Schnurr). It was great to meet him and be see some friends from the past times I have gone to visit the seminary.

On Saturday we had a lot of meetings with the staff and seminarians. We also spent a lot of time in prayer, along with attending Mass.

Overall it was a great weekend, and it was very nice to meet some of my potential classmates!

Please pray for us!

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