Sunday, March 22, 2009

Prison Ministry #4

I know I say this every time I go, but it really does get better and better each time!

Deacon Cartwright gave an excellent homily on how we must come out of darkness and our sin and come into the light and do great things for Christ! From there he went on to explain to us that when he started the prison ministry (I think he said 15 years ago) there were only three men that came. But, because of the life they lived in prison, other men started to come and it has really grown.

After his homily there was a man from Mexico who said a few things. It was really touching because he told us how his mother is really sick and is still in Mexico. He hasn't seen her in 12 or 15 years (I believe). He asked for us to pray that his mother will still be alive when he gets out of prison in 2017.

It was really an emotional night and we could just feel the spirit move!

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