Sunday, April 26, 2009

Almost done with school!!!

Hey everyone!

I only have one more day left of classes! This Tuesday is my last day of classes at Liberty, and it is a bitter sweet moment. I am so glad to be done, but I can't lie, I am going to miss defending the faith and the Catholic group here at Liberty.

On Monday I got back from the airport from Texas and it wasn't as an event full trip to Texas. But, the highlight of the day was seeing a long time friend in Houston. Then I saw the president of Liberty's seminary in Atlanta (lets just say it was a very interesting conversation). More on the trip back to VA here:

On Tuesday I went to speak at Theology on Tap in Farmville for a college out there. Not many people showed up, so we all just sat around and shared about our faith and how we got where we were today.

Thursday I went to VA Tech and Radford to visit some friends from Encounter with Christ! I also took Caitlin out to dinner for her birthday, but she took me out for my graduation (so I paid for her, and she paid for me).

There was another Theology on Tap on Friday, this one was a lot of fun! More here:

Saturday I went to the prison for prison ministry. The one thing I got out of it is that the prisoners very much appreciate people coming out to visit them for the ministry. One man said that he always comes in down, but leaves very happy, and that we give them hope!

Then on Saturday night, my roommates and I had some fun!!! (I might get kicked out of LU for this)

And now we come to a close of this week on Sunday. Today I was able to see 2 friends (from a near by college) get confirmed! One was baptized and both were confirmed! Then we had a little cookout at Joann's house for the Catholic group at Liberty. This was the 3rd year they did this and it grows every year!

  • I cannot speak to the Roman Catholic class on Tuesday, but good news, Josh Johnson is! Please pray for him as he prepares to speak to this (anti-Catholic class). He will speak at 12:45 on Tuesday, so say a Rosary for him!
  • For the prisoners and that they stay true to their faith and find hope!
  • Ignite Your Torch Youth Conference!!! YOU BETTER SIGN UP YOUR YOUTH!!!!
  • The rest of the school year.

And don't forget the graduation party is Friday May 8, 2009 from 5-8 PM at St. Thomas More. All are welcome!

In Christ,
Chris Osgood

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