Sunday, April 26, 2009

Prison Ministry #6

Tonight was the sixth time I have gone to the prison for prison ministry. It is sad to think that next Saturday is going to be my last time at the prison.

Deacon Cartwright couldn't make it tonight so the prisoners led the service. The message was great and the one thing that kept sticking out to me was that I can go to confession anytime I want. But these prisoners can't, they can only go when the priest comes and allows them to go to confession. We are so blessed out here, but many times we take it all for granted.

Before the service started however, I was talking to one of the men. And he was telling me how glad the prisoners are when people from the outside come. He said that they are always depressed or upset when they come, but by the time they leave they are happy and upbeat. He said that this is what they need to survive throughout the week.

Man these guys have faith! Please pray for them!

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