Sunday, April 5, 2009

Catholics at Liberty University (update)


I hope everyone has had a great Palm Sunday, and is getting ready for the greatest time of the year!

This past week has been such a relaxing but yet fun week. It started by ending such a great week last weekend at Encounter with Christ. After the retreat, I went down to Danville and stayed the night with Josh and Katie (and the twins). They are all doing great!

On Tuesday I went to the Holy Spirit Prayer Group. And the Spirit was really moving! I wrote about it in my blog:

On Friday we had a little party for one of my friends who teaches aviation here at Liberty. He is from Canada and is being deported at the end of the month. So we threw him a surprise good-bye party. It was a lot of fun and a lot of students showed up.

Yesterday I got to finally got to catch up on some much needed sleep! Then I went to the prison for Prison Ministry: It was the smallest turnout we had, but a great service.

After the prison I went to a birthday party for one of my friend's who is celebrating her 22 next Saturday! I only stayed a little while (because of curfew), but it was a good time.


  1. I have changed my address bellow. I am now having everything sent to my home address because it is the end of the school year.
  2. I am going to start sending out emails from a different email: because this email will no longer be good after this semester. I am going to send out an email from it tomorrow, if you don't get one, please let me know and I will put you on the list.
  3. What Holy Week Means to me:
  4. MAY 8th FROM 5-8 IS THE GRADUATION PARTY. Please send me your addresses if you would like an invitation.


  1. For the Catholics at Liberty.
  2. That I win a new Laptop in the raffle on Wed. (for all students who take the assessment for Liberty).
  3. That my car will make it through this year (it's making some weird noises).

In Christ,
Chris Osgood

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