Saturday, April 25, 2009

Theology on Tap

Over this past week I have had the honor of speaking at 2 Theology on Taps. One was at Hampden-Sydney (college in Farmville, VA), the other ToT was in Danville, VA last night.

The first one at H-S was a lot of fun. Instead of giving my testimony, we just sat around and shared life stories and talked about our faith. It was a very small turnout, but was very enjoyable!

The one in Danville was the biggest turnout yet for their ToT's. They had 36 people show up (ages ranged from 0-90)! Yes, Josh's twins where there (0 years old) and then there was a man there that was 90 years old.

We did record it, and as soon as I have time and figure out how to post it up on the blog, then everyone can listen to it. Otherwise you can email me your address at and I can send you a copy.

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