Thursday, April 16, 2009

I'm in Texas!!!

So today was an absolute great day! I went to my 2 classes, then had lunch with my roommates (from years past), then went to the airport.

I flew out of Lynchburg around 2:30 and sat next to this man named Gary. We ended up spending the next 4 hours with each other. His next flight left Charlotte at 6:10 and mine left at 6:20.

So what do you do when you have 3 hours to spare in an airport? You go get food and drinks! We ended up finding out that he is really into aviation (and I am too) so we talked about that most of the time. We also talked about church and he shared some of his old college stories.

After we parted ways, we gave each other our contact info, and then got on our next flights.

Well, the next flight I was on, was from Charlotte to Austin. On this flight I sat next to a really nice older lady who was flying from NJ to Austin for her sister's funeral (please pray for Mary's soul, that it may rest in peace). I could tell she was really upset, so I tried cheering her up with my dumb jokes (it worked!).

After we landed, I met her son and daughter-in-law and they were very grateful for me trying to cheer up their mother.

After all of that, I am now here in Georgetown, TX and love it! I am staying at the rectory at St. Helen's and man is it nice!

Well, I g2g and hit the sack. Night!!!

PS: I almost got a picture of the women's softball team of University of Tennessee, but my camera died :(

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