Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Is Liberty doing ok?

So today they have canceled ALL classes and chapel today for Assessment Tests. Every student here at Liberty must take these tests. The seniors have to take 2 tests.

They started today at 9 am (for seniors) and went over each major. Since I am a religion major I had to take a Religion test and then another one for my specialization (Biblical Studies).

I know that I did horrible on the Religion test, which is horrible to say, but nothing on that test had anything to do with what I have learned here at Liberty. Now the Biblical Studies test, I think I did pretty well on.

This afternoon, I, along with the rest of the student body here at Liberty has to do an assessment on the University overall. This is all for Liberty to keep its accreditation and to show them where they need to improve.

I think this is great that the school is doing this, but it really makes me worried about them possibly losing their accreditation.

Please pray for me, as they are giving out a laptop today (along with other prizes). I REALLY NEED A NEW COMPUTER!!!

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