Friday, February 20, 2009

Are you willing to help?

When all of the Catholic Campus Ministry Student Leaders in the Richmond Diocese met with His Excellency Bishop DiLorenzo, I realized that none of them know how to defend their faith.

I am trying to be polite here, but the Church is doing a horrible job in Catholic Education (expecially in religious ed classes). These students (and its all over the country) are being confronted with questions and they can't give answers.

I myself have dealt with this here at Liberty. But, thanks be to God for my Biblical background I can defend the faith.

I am now wanting to come up with a program for Catholic students in college to be able to help them know their faith, defend their faith and evangelize others.

Would anyone like to help me?


Bill said...

I'd suggest starting here: FOCUS.

They were highlighted on EWTN's Next Wave last night (plus, I've seen them in my parish in the past).

Sadly, Catholic Education is becoming a misnomer from my experience. In my opinion, it tends to get worse, not better, once you're out and about on your own. There are very few dedicated Bible Studies and classes in your average parishes... and when you do find them, there are no supporting structures for child care/babysitting (a case in my church and what I'm struggling with now) or the classes are taught by those with... well... to put it nicely... "agendas differing from the Magisterium."

I've seen quite a bit out there for colleges and universities (although I agree, more should/must be done). We're combating what we can in our parish... Good luck to you in yours.

Tonya said...

I am a fairly new Cahtolic who converted from Baptist as well. I also teach first grade in a Catholic school. I agree with you that most Catholics don't know much about their faith...or they don't seem to understand. I've been told by several Catholics that the best "Catholics" are those that convert. That's a shame. I love what you're doing here.