Sunday, February 15, 2009

A slap in the face from Jesus

On Friday night I went to Adoration (for the first time in a while). And as always it was great! Although this time, I got what I needed. A slap in the face from Jesus.

As I was praying the Rosary and looking right into the Eucharist, it was as if Jesus came right out of the Monstrance and knocked some since into me. Who am I to think that I can do the plans I HAD?

I had the plans to get married and work in a church after graduation, but when I have tried following through with them, I was miserable. But when I go through the application process for the priesthood, the feeling is AMAZING! It was as if Jesus Himself, came down and chastised me for a few minutes in a loving way.

And right at the end of the holy hour, I heard Him say, "I have chosen you for a reason."

And now I have been asking myself, "Why would you choose me? I am so undeserving, and a nobody."

I am scared to death and ask for your prayers!

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