Monday, February 2, 2009

update from Liberty

Greetings everyone!

I hope that all is well with you, and that you are safe from all of the snow storms!

This past week was a tough week for me, but it was for the best. I have officially stepped down from the leadership of the Catholics at Liberty and Maria (sophomore) is taking over. Hopefully real soon we can get the constitution finished. It has been hard to step down, but it is for the best!

We had the usual dinner this past Wed. night, and then on Thurs. a small group of us did a Bible study. We did it on how to interpret the Scriptures and it is setting the foundation for the rest of our study.

This weekend, I was supposed to go to Greenville, SC with some friends, but I forgot I was going to help Deacon Cartwright with prison ministry. So I ended up staying behind and helping him on Saturday night. It was a true blessing!!! For more about how the prison ministry went, you can go to:

Today, I went to mass with a girl from Randolph College, and then I ended up going to three different parties tonight for the big game! It was amazing to see hardly anyone on the roads during the game. Well, I am off to bed, but instead of a picture, here is a really good video I found on a blog today:


  • A student who is trying to get back together with his ex fiancé
  • Josh and Katie's newborn son
  • Myself with trying to find a job
  • No update on Trish yet with her child. But please keep praying.

In Christ,
Chris Osgood

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