Monday, February 2, 2009

New Leadership for Catholics at Liberty

Well, it is official I have stepped down from the leadership position with the Catholics at Liberty. It was really hard for me to do, because I have done so much with it. But I realized that God has blessed me with allowing me to be a part of this ministry. And now it is time for me to step down so that He can bless someone else with this ministry. Bellow is the letter I sent to the Catholic students at Liberty University:
May the peace of the Lord be with you all!

This will be the last email you will receive from me. I am stepping down as leader from this group and Maria is taking over! We are still looking for more leadership to step up to the plate and take charge!

This May I will be graduating and I need to focus on my studies. I, along with over 60 people (from all over the country) have been praying for all of you during this school year! I now ask for your prayers, as I am in the final stages of applying for the priesthood with the Arch-diocese of Cincinnati. And of course you all will always remain in mine!

I have attached a 1 page article that I would like for you all to read, so that you know how and why this group got started:

With that said, I am still going to be offering rides to mass for anyone that needs a ride. The main purpose of this group is to make sure that the Catholics at Liberty have the chance of receiving the Sacraments.

The dinners on Wed. nights will still be going on (EVERY WED.) throughout the semester. We have them at Doc's Diner at 8 pm. This Wed. night we will have our BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION for the birthdays in January! Please come and join us!

In Christ,
Chris Osgood

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