Thursday, February 19, 2009

You shall not steal

So how do I be polite about someone stealing from me? It is the legal way of stealing. I am sure it has happened to you at some point. But yet, we pay it. We have to, or we end up having to pay a lot more.

I owed money on my credit card and for an overdraft that happened earlier this year. I was told that I would be charged $25 to pay for the overdraft and that would be clear, then pay $68 for my credit card. So I put $100 in my bank account.

Well, today I find out that I am in the red again. They took out $25, then $27 for my overdraft (because of fees they say), then $68 for my credit card. So now I am in the red by $20. On top of that they charge $8 a day plus $14 for going over.

So I talk to them, and now they reduced the original $120 that I owe (from going over) to $52. What a rip off!!!

They took more money than they were supposed to, and now I have to pay more to get even?

Mr. Turner (my congressman), I am writing you to get bailout money!

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