Monday, February 16, 2009


May the peace of the Lord be with you all!

This week started out really rough but then ended great!

I am still trying to find a job this semester. The good news is McDonalds said they will be hiring in March (it's not good when McDonalds isn't even hiring). I am still making it, thanks to some very kind people who have helped me financially (thank you again)!

I went to the Holy Spirit prayer group on Tuesday and well, I can't even explain in words what happened. Lets just say God slapped me in the face and told me to quit running. (Same thing happened on Friday at Adoration). If you are wondering what I am running from, well, its a long story, but it's here: and

On Friday morning I got a phone call from Dr. Jerry Falwell Jr's office and they said that they are going to pay for my 6 credit hours this summer so I can graduate this May. Praise be to God for Jerry Falwell's scholarship! I was also told by a student that day that I was going to hell for being Catholic (I tell you, this persecution is starting to become as bad as the first year I was here, but I just keep in mind Matt. 5:10).

This weekend however, a small group of Catholic students here at Liberty went to the Ignited by Truth Conference in Raleigh, NC. That was a blast! We all had a great time and have learned a few things in apologetics. I was able to meet with Tim Staples and some other well known apologists who were very excited to hear about what has happened at Liberty. Most of them even want to help us out by donating some material for the Catholics here to grow deeper in their faith! (Pictures attached).

Well, I am off to bed. But please pray for these intentions:

Praise, Antonio's back is healing really fast. He is up and walking around without crutches!

School and that I can finish this last year well.

Praise, the scholarship from Jerry Falwell is paying for my 2 summer classes!

In Christ,
Chris Osgood

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