Sunday, February 22, 2009

Catholics at Liberty Update

May the peace of the Lord be with you all as we get ready to enter into this season of Lent.

I am afraid that this week there isn't a lot of good news about the Catholics at Liberty.

On Wed. night we got together and tried working on the Constitution but unfortunately we didn't get anywhere. Our weekly dinners have dropped in attendance and Mass attendance has fallen too. For more info you can click here:

On a positive side, I have spoken with Dr. Jerry Falwell Jr. and he is allowing my scholarship from his dad to cover the 2 summer classes I need to graduate!

I also spoke with a few of the seminarians and Fr. Kyle (vocation director for the Arch-diocese of Cincinnati) and we have 9 men including myself that are in the process of entering the seminary this fall! Please pray for us, and for more to come!!!

Last night I went to the prison again for prison ministry. And I attached a picture of a painting one of the men made for me. I have written more about it here:

From now until Easter I am going to post my personal devotions to share and encourage others throughout this season of Lent.

Prayer requests:

1. For the Catholic students at Liberty (especially those who are struggling/losing their faith)
2. The new leadership of the Catholics at Liberty
3. For myself (I might have found a job at Chick-fil-a (please keep praying)

In Christ,
Chris Osgood

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